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Dec. 12, 2018

#GC2Summit 2018 Response, with Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch (co-creators…

In response to the #GC2Summit today, I am re-releasing my conversation with Emily Joy & Hannah Paasch, creators of #churchtoo. --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: Democracy Works: This advertisement is p...

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Oct. 5, 2018

The #Exvangelical Community Roundtable (Live!)

In September, a group of us gathered for the first Exvangelical Community Roundtable. Featuring: Kathryn Brightbill, Chris Stroop, Akiko Ross, David Wheeler, and Julie Ingersoll. --- This episode is sponsored by · Charit...

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Sept. 12, 2017

Chris Stroop Returns to #EmptyThePews

My guest this week is Chris Stroop. Chris was a guest back on episode 15 of the show, and since that time he has become well-known for his essays on Religion Dispatches (as well as his threads on Twitter, including …

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Nov. 13, 2016

6 Days Later

No guest this week. It's been a few days since the election. These are some of my thoughts on it, as well as some stories from my youth. Discuss this show with the hashtag #byourlove. "The Real Origins of the …

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Nov. 7, 2016

"Weird Everywhere" - Expats of Jesusland with Dr. Chris Stroop

This week's episode features a conversation with Dr. Chris Stroop. Chris is an historian and a Provosts's Postdoctoral Scholar in the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of South Florida, and the co-editor of the...

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Sept. 25, 2016

Politics & Religion and Religion & Politics with Ryan Johnson

This week's episode includes a wonderful conversation with Ryan Johnson, a friend from college. We met up in Chicago to talk about his upbringing, our shared experience in the social sciences department at the Mystery College...

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Aug. 8, 2016

Evangelical Politics & More: A Conversation with Greg Coates

This week, we feature a conversation with author, religious scholar and PhD candidate Greg Coates. We discuss his evangelical youth, his time in China, his book, and of course, Donald Trump. Follow Exvangelical on Twitter @ex...

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July 21, 2016

It Begins

This first episode of Exvangelical features a long, free-form with American religious historian Dr. Jonathan Dodrill, who is a longtime friend of mine. We discuss how we met at Christian college, our experiences there, as wel...

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