Jan. 8, 2021

The Outcome of White Evangelical Power: Sedition & Insurrection.

The Outcome of White Evangelical Power: Sedition & Insurrection.

It's 2021. 

Ossoff & Warnock won the Senate, and the next day Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building after being incited by the President himself and encouraged by Senators Cruz and Hawley. 5 people died. 

White evangelicalism bears much of the burden for this by creating an environment--over decades!--that encouraged this. 

This episode is only partly scripted. It's unedited.

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Twitter thread, before the white supremacist storming of the Capitol: https://twitter.com/brchastain/status/1346452589752307712?s=20

Mel's short thread I quoted: https://twitter.com/holyqueerit/status/1347191675706372097?s=20

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