Aug. 26, 2021

In Conversation with Jamie Lee Finch

In Conversation with Jamie Lee Finch
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Jamie Lee Finch, author of You Are Your Own, returns to the show!

We had been planning to talk this month for quite some time, but our conversation has a different tenor than we anticipated. This is one conversation among many about issues surrounding exvangelical/deconstruction spaces--and this has happened before. Listen to the show for further context, but we’re still going to try and talk about why things like these moments of drama happen, and why these cycles of commentary occur: what is general to the types of conversations we have now, and what is particular to post-evangelical spaces and the sorts of traumas that are activated.

I've been talking about this in various ways on other shows recently, including these conversations with Your Favorite Aunts & Activist Theology.

We also talk about Jamie's upcoming course, Your Body Is a Person. Registration closes on 8/31/2021, so act fast!

One production note: the wrong mic recorded my audio, so it's of lower quality.

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