Feb. 10, 2022

Melissa Stewart (@lissajostewart on TikTok)

Melissa Stewart (@lissajostewart on TikTok)
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In this conversation, I speak with exvangelical Tiktokker Melissa Stewart (@lissajostewart) about her upbringing, how exvangelical spaces continue to evolve, and how platform differences (i.e. Twitter vs. TikTok) enable different conversations - and much more! As I mention in the introduction, note how Melissa talks about her experiences leaving fundamentalism, and how it differs from the way evangelical pastors who decry "deconstruction" or some other rhetorical bogeyman.

#exvangelical has taken on a life of its own on TikTok, with 633 million views as of this writing. Melissa talks about her own experience as an observer of these spaces, and a bit about what it has been like to become a creator in the space.

We couldn't cover every aspect of these topics in our conversation, but the great thing about our media landscape is that the conversation can continue. Follow Melissa @lissajostewart and follow Blake @brchastain_ on TikTok.

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