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Understanding Evangelical Subculture

I've only heard three episodes so far (Science Mike, Samantha Field, and Morgan Guyton), but I have found the conversations very refreshing. Though I haven't considered myself an evangelical for years (now an Episcopalian), I'm still reckoning with the world I grew up in and so much of my family still inhabits. I appreciate finding voices and conversations that reckon with the evangelical subculture as I continue to wrestle with and come to terms with my formative years.

Great guests and stories!

First rate podcast exploring the full range of fundagelical experiences from ex/formers, de/reconverts, nones, and the frustrated faithful who remain -- in the age of Trump.

Much needed

I never listen to podcasts. I'm not an auditory person. I even struggle with audiobooks. But I've been listening to Exvangelical every time I get a chance for the past three days. It's exactly what I and many others who grew up in evangelical circles need right now.

v cathartic

Much needed for those of us who have left the church.

Very Interesting

Great to listen to such thoughtful conversation. Can't wait to listen for the next episode.

Needed more than ever

I’m grateful for a forum to hear about life after the evangelical experience. It’s incredibly encouraging to hear such an informed critique of a worldview that needs rebalancing.

Great Stuff

I was honored to be part of an episode. What Exvangelical is doing is bringing necessary critique and ways forward. It's great.

Exciting new podcast

I'm so glad to find voices speaking up for new/ancient forms of Christianity. On behalf of the legions of millennials who grew up in conservative evangelicalism and have seen its shortcomings, we need new voices like this to speak for a radical Christianity that thinks critically and offers alternatives. I have high hopes that Exvangelical will contribute to this growing conversation.