Recommended for All Ex-Evangelicals

I stumbled across this podcast while looking for resources and support for ex-Evangelicals, and ended up binge-listening to the whole backlog in under two weeks. Each episode features an interview with a former Evangelical. Some of the interviewees have maintained their faith but gone in a different direction (such as the Catholic or Episcopal church), while others have left the world of faith altogether. These stories all share the common thread of growing up to realize much of what we were raised to believe was misguided at best and grossly abusive at worst. In these days, as we're all reeling from the US election and the role white Evangelicals played in it, this podcast has never been more needed.

My favorite episode was Episode #6, the interview with Kyle Barton, but all of it is good stuff.

May 9, 2017 by Rckjones on Apple Podcasts