April 9, 2018

(Re-Release): Jamie Lee Finch

(Re-Release): Jamie Lee Finch
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Re-Release! Hear about Jamie Lee Finch's story in depth, and listen for her on The Airing of Grief and elsewhere. More on the show notes below! Jamie is a writer and certified integrated health coach. In this wide-ranging conversation, Jamie talks about her experiences growing up in the church (including a formative memory of saying the "Sinner's Prayer" at age 7), expressing her sexuality amidst purity culture, her time in a cult, and her path toward wholeness outside Christianity. Follow Jamie online: @jamieleefinch on Twitter & Instagram jamieleefinch.com Follow Blake on Twitter @brchastain, and follow the show @exvangelicalpod. Support Exvangelical by rating/reviewing the show on iTunes, or via Patreon: patreon.com/exvangelicalpod. Music: Intro: "Night Owl" by Broke for Free Interlude 1: "Bad Believer" by St. Vincent Interlude 2: "Just One Me" by Big Bird Interlude 3: "When You're On Top" by The Wallflowers Outro: "I Want to Be Well" by Sufjan Stevens --- This episode is sponsored by · Charity Promotion: Democracy Works: This advertisement is part of a charitable initiative in partnership with Democracy Works. howto.vote --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/exvangelical/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/exvangelical/support