Oct. 22, 2021

Minisode: Funding the Next Chapter of Exvangelical

Minisode: Funding the Next Chapter of Exvangelical

TL;DR - support my work at $8/month & 25% of net revenue will be donated to orgs that serve populations harmed by white evangelicalism.

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This past July marked 5 years of publishing Exvangelical. In this minisode, I describe my new funding/listener support model.

Read the full post here.

When you support the show via Substack, I will donate 25% of net revenue to organizations that serve populations harmed by white evangelicalism. Those organizations are: White Homework, The Religious Trauma Institute, and REAP (The Religious Exemption Accountability Project).

Support the show at $8/month and receive access to ad-free feeds of Exvangelical and Powers & Principalities, and supporter-exclusive writing at The Post-Evangelical Post,with more perks to come in 2022.

Learn more at The Post-Evangelical Post.

Why this model?

Because I think it’s the right thing to do. I am building this from the ground-up with no outside funding, and have an opportunity to build a business model that includes reparative economics from the beginning. My work focuses on the personal & social impact of white evangelicalism. By committing to donate a significant percentage of my net revenue to organizations that serve communities that have been historically harmed by white evangelicalism, I am able to quite literally put my money where my mouth is. Further, I know that I cannot (and should not) try to speak to every potential audience—but I can help to finance the work of others who are better equipped than me to do so.

I also acknowledge that the work I do is sensitive, and as a cis white man asking for direct support, it may activate some traumas that my own potential audience of supporters has. So long as we remain a capitalist society that does not provide universal basic income nor universal health care, that will remain an unavoidable tension and reality when I seek direct payment for my output. I hope to address some of that tension through this model.

This model isn't perfect, but it is within my capacity to start here and in this manner.

Thanks for listening. New episodes coming soon!

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