July 30, 2021

Kelsey McKinney, author of God Spare the Girls

Kelsey McKinney, author of God Spare the Girls
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Kelsey McKinney, co-owner & features writer for Defector.com and author of the debut novel God Spare the Girls, joins the show! We talk about her novel, how getting to know people outside the evangelical bubble changes your perspective, her experiences in the media, and much more.

God Spare the Girlstells the story of two daughters of a megachurch pastor whose rise to evangelical fame came from a viral speech about purity culture - and that's just how the story starts. When news of their father's marital infidelity breaks in their church, the two sisters are drawn together in ways they never were before. It's a great read.

Buy God Spare the Girls here and support the show! (Affiliate link.) Follow Kelsey McKinney on Twitter.


We're back! July was very busy, and I'm super excited to get back to releasing episodes for you. A lot happened elsewhere:

  1. Exvangelical turned 5!
  2. Iwrote a piece for Religion Dispatches about David Jeremiah's sermon saying exvangelicals are a sign of the end times!
  3. I was on MSNBC's The Week with Joshua Johnson!
  4. Other stuff I can't wait to tell you about, but can't yet!

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