June 4, 2021

Irreverent Media Spotlight: A Tiny Revolution w/ Kevin Garcia

Irreverent Media Spotlight: A Tiny Revolution w/ Kevin Garcia

Listen to this special episode from IMG creator Kevin Garcia!

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This week I'm publishing an episode of fellow Irreverent Media Group podcaster Kevin Garcia's show A Tiny Revolution.It's Pride Month and ATR is running a special series in conjunction with Beloved Arise. Listen to this episode featuring an interview with Blake Mundell to learn more about Beloved Arise.

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Kevin (they/them) describes ATR like this:

"Because all revolutions begin as conversations between friends. Join digital pastor and soul coach Kevin Garcia for a conversation that actually matters. Covering the intersections of spirit, sexuality, gender, and justice, Kevin curates convos with the brightest and most incredible humans that you may or may not have heard of, with delicious takes on faith, sexuality, practice, and how we do this life together." 

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