Aug. 18, 2022

From the Archive: Sam Perry & Andrew Whitehead discuss Christian Nationalism

From the Archive: Sam Perry & Andrew Whitehead discuss Christian Nationalism
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While I continue to work on my manuscript, here is another archival episode for you. This is from my series, Powers & Principalities. Season 1 was published in 2020 and focused on Christian nationalism, which remains painfully relevant. 

This episode features a conversation with Sam Perry and Andrew Whitehead, co-authors of the book Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States [affiliate link]. 

While I personally think Christian nationalism is very hard to fully extricate from the traditions it inhabits and expresses itself in, I also think the terminology Perry & Whitehead use in their book, Ambassadors, Accommodators, Resisters, and Rejectors is very useful.

Of course, this conversation took place before the Jan 6 insurrection, where Christian nationalism was on full display, and before the slate of legislative decisions this summer, most notably the downfall of Roe, that are considered victories for by Christian nationalists. Meanwhile, the term “Christian nationalist” itself has since entered into the lexicon of conservative politicians and pundits as a point of pride. I wrote about this recently for RNS.

Perry & Whitehead have been busy since this book was published, as people across the country try . Perry co-authored another book, The Flag & The Cross [affiliate link], with Phillip Gorski, and Whitehead was recently a part of Jemar Tisby’s series “Those Meddling Kids: Unmasking the Anti-CRT Crusade in Christian Nationalism.”

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