Oct. 24, 2018

On Josh Harris’ IKDG “Apology.”

Two days ago, Josh Harris–the infamous author of purity culture books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl–issued a statement. That statement can be found here: 

Long story short: he “regrets” some things, but didn’t act on those regrets by pulling these damaging books from shelves until this week, in a run-up to the release of the documentary that centers his journey later next year. 

(Joshua Harris is a content strategist now, by the way.)

This is not commendable. 

There’s more to be said, but I’m not the best person to do it. Here are some comments on Twitter from women far better qualified than me on this topic.

From Emily Joy

From Jamie Lee Finch:

From Laura Polk

From Tori Douglass