The quest for a smarter Siri | iMore

Jason Snell has written his Siri wishlist over at iMore:

My dream is being able to tell my digital assistant to ask my wife if she wants me to order dinner, and have the assistant do the rest — texting her, waiting for an answer, and then relaying the answer back to me. Right now using these voice-driven interfaces is a lot like using a command-line interface back in the day — you have to say a sequence of words in just the right order, and if it doesn’t work, you need to start over. We need to be able to reason with these assistants, to explain ourselves. Using a digital assistant needs to become more like a conversation and less like a sequence of commands, because the promise of this technology is that there should be no learning curve.
— Jason Snell


Everyone expects Siri to become far better this fall, through beefed up features and by opening it up to 3rd party developers. Apple is practically obligated to do so in order to keep pace with Google and Amazon.