Super Mario Bros.’s Rocky Morton: ‘It was a harrowing experience’ | SciFiNow

SciFiNow has a great, short interview with Rocky Morton, one of the directors of the Super Mario Bros. from the 90s.

Super Mario Bros. is a bad movie is filled with good stories about how it was made. Even when I saw it as a kid, I knew it was a mess. Those small-headed, six foot goombas are burned in my brain.

Super Mario Bros. was also the movie that made Nintendo ban licensing their IP  to Hollywood for decades. That ban is still in effect, but that may change soon as the company searches for more revenue sources; the Wii U has been a commercial flop with less than 13M units sold, compared to Sony's 40M+. 

Hell,  Nintendo even sold their controlling interest in the Mariners.

Hat tip to Polygon for surfacing the interview.