Cortana overhaul will let you feel less dumb talking to your Xbox One | Polygon

Here is one quick and tangible way AI will make my life better in a couple of months. 

The Kinect voice commands are shoddy. The microphone doesn't pick things up well, and it only responds to basic rote commands--which it fails to understand probably half the time. 

From the article:

A bigger problem than the Xbox One not quite hearing you correctly is not knowing exactly how to talk to it. Because the Xbox One’s voice commands are very semantic, if you don’t remember the exact term for what you want to do, you’re basically screwed. “Xbox go to Netflix” works but “Xbox Netflix” doesn’t and I don’t think “Xbox Play Netflix” works. I understand why voice commands function this way, but it doesn’t help when I can’t remember how to message someone via voice commands and can’t get a party started and want to throw my controller across the room and read a book instead.
— Arthur Gies, Polygon

The WIndows 10 Universal Platform stuff doesn't excite me nearly as much as this. We should learn more about what's in store next week at E3.