Meet the product chief Google picked to fight Apple and Amazon for control of your home - Recode

Recode published a feture this morning on Mario Queiroz; Queiroz is the product exec who launched the Chromecast, and is now tasked with launching Google Home. 

Google Home will be Amazon's Echo and will be released later this year. 

Voice interfaces are all the rage, and Google's is far and away the most powerful out there. My least favorite aspect of being in the iOS ecosystem is that Google's search isn't available at the system level, because I would swap out Siri in a heartbeat. 

Over the past couple months, I've started using voice search in Google's iOS app. It rarely misses, even on complicated questions. One particularly rigorous test of its voice search? Having a four-year old asking to see pictures of Captain America and Hulk, or Captain American and Iron Man, or Wonder Woman and Supergirl, or any other matchup. 

Google always got it right, and would serve up the images my daughter requested. 

Meanwhile, Siri can't even answer related follow-up questions. But Siri isn't really Google Home's competition; the Amazon Echo is. 

Amazon has third-party "skills" to expand the Echo's utility, but the usefulness and accuracy of its base voice search isn't as good as Google's. Should Google open up Home to developers in the way Amazon has opened up Alexa on the Echo, we'll have a very interesting horse race.