Twitter adds stickers. Okay.

Yesterday Twitter added the ability to put stickers on photos, just like most other social services out there.

Stickers are a big deal in Asia (LINE made $268M on sticker sales last year), and are used widely in Snapchat as add-ons to pictures. 

The most interesting thing about the stickers is that they're searchable: when you tap on a sticker that's been added to a photo, you can find other related photos across Twitter. It is in essence a visual hashtag, which is the most Twitter-y thing about it all. 

The announcement received a variety of responses across the web: Casey Newton gave a measured, but tongue-in-cheek look at it, TNW said it "sounds dumb, but is actually really neat," and Katie Notopoulos offers a harsh and hilarious take-down of Twitter's choice of photo for the feature announcement.

I finally got access to the feature myself this morning. Here's my be-stickered contribution to the world. Hint.

" " [twit0] [twit0]: "Blake Chastain (@brchastain) | Twitter"