Yesterday's News Today: This is Twitter's first television ad campaign | The Verge

First, there is no mention of chairs, so Twitter is already ahead of Facebook in terms of presenting their platform for the first time on TV. 

Twitter's taking a more targeted approach in their TV ad spots. Here is the key quote from this article: 

Anthony Noto, Twitter’s chief financial officer, told The Verge in an interview that the campaign’s goal is to let targeted segments of potential users see the stuff that’s on Twitter every day — “using their interests as hooks, rather than Twitter itself as the hook,” he said.

Interests are the key part of making Twitter, well, interesting to new users. 

I recently tried to explain Twitter to someone who doesn't use it. It was a long conversation. After you move beyond the mechanics of Twitter itself, it gets a bit wonky:

"Well, you follow accounts, and most accounts a people, but they can also be organizations, or bots, or whatever, really."

"No one expects you to keep up or read everything. It's an endless stream of humanity and data."


Once you get into Twitter, and I mean really get into it, it gets its hold of you. Speaking for myself, I now follow comic book creators, tech journalists, video game journalists, religious commentators, environmental groups, news agencies, and random people on Twitter. It's created a very custom experience, and it is hard to communicate that to someone else.

Show someone how they can find their interests, and you show them the value of Twitter.