Viral Fake Election News Outperformed Real News On Facebook In Final Months Of The US Election - BuzzFeed News

The press putting Facebook's feet to the fire for failing to openly accept its role in informing the electorate has been interesting to watch. 

No one wants to claim responsibility for the environment that enabled Trump to become President elect. But Facebook in particular--which feared a conservative backlash so much it decided against implementing policies and products that would address fake news, according to a Gizmodo report--wants to have the revenue associated with news distribution without the ethical responsibilities that true journalistic enterprises have.  


Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone

I'm really excited by this. It was announced yesterday, but my account just got access to it today. 

The best I've seen so far is, no surprise, the one made by @darth.

The first one I'll create will be to support my new podcast, which looks at evangelical culture from a personal perspective. 

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The iOS 10 Public Beta Puts 3D Touch Front & Center

I downloaded the the first beta last week on an old 5S. 

This is an early beta, but a lot of the general navigation improvements are dependent upon 3D Touch, which is only on the latest 6S hardware. 

All the incremental improvements listed below are contingent on having 3D Touch:

  • Expand homescreen icon widgets
  • Expand lockscreen widgets
  • Clear all notifications
  • 3D touch to reply to rich homescreen notifications
  • Raise to wake homescreen (not 3D touch dependent, but currently limited to 6S hardware)

Taken together, all of these improvements make it easier to use an iPhone--and they won't be available to use on older hardware due to their lack of 3D Touch. 

Several commentators have been cool toward 3D Touch, but I have appreciated using it as a way to quickly enter the portion of an app you want to use. It's especially useful to 3D Touch the Voice Search shortcut on the Google app and run a quick voice search, for example. 3D Touch in apps like Tweetbot 4 make opening links and media better as well. I use the function every day.

Commentators aren't the only ones to cool toward 3D Touch. Developers have found uses for homescreen shortcuts, but little else. It's intriguing to see Apple take matters into their own hands and lead by example when it comes to 3D Touch, after spending a few years expecting their developers to iterate and not rapidly developing their own first party software. 

Here is The Verge's first look at the beta on newer hardware:

Other people's thoughts on this week's events.

This week has been horrid. It's hard to contextualize. 

In light of the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile as well as the shootings in Dallas, I'm going to defer to other people's thoughts and interpretations, as they are more authoritative and insightful than mine. 

Death in Black and White, by Michael Eric Dyson at the NYT.

Finally, here is a media/tech angle about how Twitter exonerated Mark Hughes, the young black man wrongfully identified as a shooting suspect at last night's shooting. 

I encourage everyone to get a little more familiar with Twitter. Your assumptions are much more likely to be challenged there than within Facebook, and the information is at once more instant and oftentimes more contextualized than what is seen on TV.